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Connecting People to the Agricultural Core of Philippi

Philippi, Cape Town, South Africa


Philippi, S.A. acts as the agicultural hub of Cape Town, growing 80% of the produce for Cape Town. Rich in cultural, history, energy and nutrients, it is at risk of urbanization due to a growing population and private development, which would result in a loss in land for the community.

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Philippi is horticultural region located on the southern side of Cape Town, SA. 


It has a population of 200,000 people and takes over 34.21 km2. Many of the inhabitants of this area live in informal settlements close by to the farmland, in which they work. Philippi is infastructurally isolated from the rest of Cape Town with little access to roads or main highways. 

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Due to urbanization, Philippi is surrounded by housing and industrial areas. Many of the housing areas are informal settlements with a dense population and little resources. 


Integrated in the argiculutral land, are many farm hubs and nursery businesses. 


Farm Locations


Agricultural Path

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Points of Entry

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