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Seed Schools

Building schools around the world with ethically sourced materials to give every child access to a quality education. 

Students around the world all have the right to a quality education. Today, that looks a little different for everyone. If you attend a private school in Andover, Massachusetts you might be given the opportunity to study traditional subjects, academic electives such as STEM research or drafting, as well as creative outlets like performing arts or screen printing. If you are living in South Sudan, Africa you might have to go to school with thousands of other students with a student teacher ratio of 1:100 and no physical space to learn. In between, some schools implement technology into the subjects, while others do not. Some schools practice the importance of art and creatvity, while others do not have the resources.

Despite that, around the world, students go to class everyday, all with the same goal in mind, to be educated. And we hope that no matter where they come from, they have that access.

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1. Thatch roof
2. Timber horizontal slats
3. (optional) Textiles for insect regulation

4. Brick walls to roof peak
5. Timber sandwhiched truss (30 degrees)

6. Concrete ring beam (215mm x 305mm)

7. Bricks positioned for ventilation

8. Windows in timber & reclaimed wood/sticks

9. Elevated surface with bricks & lime plaster

10. 150mm lime plaster and concrete slab reinforced with mesh

11. Foundation



A thatched style roof is the vernacular style of building in South Sudan. It is often used in round African huts. It has many benefits such as, water resistance, excellent insolation, high durability, temperature control and it is of course an abundant and naturally grown material.

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